Daily Presentations

Feeding Hours

Our experienced visitor guides are waiting for you at various locations of the Emaar Aquarium & Underwater Zoo to answer your questions. They also make regular presentations during the feeding hours of Otters, Water Rats, Stingrays and Penguins.

 *Feeding sessions may change. Please ask our staff for daily hours.

Giant Water Rat

Our vegetarian giant water rat eats breakfast at 10:45, lunch at 14:15 every day and dinner at 16:30.It eats quarter of its own weight as food. Be careful when watching your giant water rats feeding session, if it feels upset, it may dive into the water.

Pig Nosed Turtle

Our pig nosed turte is omnivoreus, eating vegetables, fruits, insects, mollus but its favourite dish is strawberry. Come and join our turtle feeding session at 15.00 everyday.

King Croc

Crocodiles eat monthly 50kg meat approximately 1 chicken per day. According to their biology crocs don’t each much in winter and they can live up to 1 year without eating.

See the world’s largest reptile king croc fed by our experts on Saturday and Sunday at 17:00. (*Sometimes croc might not eat its meal during the feeding session)


Feeding in the aquarium is not boring at all. As you watch the feeding of our penguins at 12:00 and 15:30 every day, you can get information from our expert team about the dietary habits of these great creatures.


Do the piranas eat their pray in a minute like in the movies? If you are wondering the answer, don’t miss our piranha feeding session on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 15:00 at the Jungle zone.


The world's most lovable creatures, the otters have their breakfast at 11:30 and a late lunch session at 15:30 every day. You can make your planning in accordance with the feeding sessions and can add this beautiful experience into your collection of unforgettable moments.

Mobulas and other rays

Come, watch Turkey's first and only mini manta rays, while they are flying in the water and are fed by the divers.

You can watch the feeding of the rays every day at 11:00,13:30 and 16:00.