School Trips

If you are looking for an interactive, educationally entertaining school activity for your students, we are opening you the doors to a very different world in the Ocean School Education Program.

Our school visits at the Emaar Aquarium & Underwater Zoo provide students with information on habitat conservation, adaptation, survival tactics and reproduction while discovering the habitats of different water and land life forms. Students will have unforgettable moments with their classmates, and will experience new experiences in our entertaining learning environment that is educational as well for the students.






What is Awaiting the Students in the Ocean School Education?

  • More than 200, over 20.000 sea and land creatures
  • The giant king crocodile, one of the world's greatest reptiles with its 5-meter giant  body
  • Aquarium Tunnel offering walking experience under tropical seas
  • Daily feeding sessions
  • Humboldt Penguins, giant water rats, Asian otters and many more in Turkey's first and only underwater zoo
  • The unique creatures of the rain forest include the Cayman lizard, iguana, leopard gecko, tarantulas and many reptiles